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slide, park, yvette
For those of you that had friended me on Facebook. I deactivated my account. DH was concerned, so it was just easier to say fine, I will just quit. It had less to do with the time I spent on it, because I spend far more time on, but how much information FB gathers about people, etc. It may be that he is a conspiracy theory type person, but better safe than sorry.

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May I provide you some info?

Deactivating retains ALL your information for facebook and their affiliates to utilize. When you go to the deactivation page, you'll see the link to DELETE your account, if that's what you'd like to do. It's there, just hidden.

I too am concerned about FB and all the info they get, so I removed all my work, school, city, etc, and the few "pages" I was a fan of, except my english teacher and hero :)

Bummer! I'll have to log in to yahoo more, I never take time to chat!

Ack, I thought I did it right. Poop! I think alot of it is going to be selling your commentary to third party vendors as well, so if I am not making comments....

That is so wrong... I have reconnected with a lot of people there, hate to see them ruining things. Damn nosy money hungry people!

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