Back to school a week ago.
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I had a busy summer with everything the kids were doing, and they have now been back to school for a week. woohoo! I also started seeing a personal trainer once a week now that they are back in school yay me!

Here are back to school pictures.

Early in the morning.... Madeline and Isabelle off to early morning seminary



Sabrina... the only one in Middle school this year



Arcadia and Yvette on the way to the bus


Then the next day Charlotte started first grade.



The Happiest place on earth!
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Last week I took all my girls to Disney land for three days. The last day of school we hopped on a plane, and flew to long beach. We had a shuttle that took us to our hotel that I booked through Get away today. It was the Radisson suites in Buena Park. The staff was accommodating and the rooms were ok, I thought they smelled sort of mildewy, but other people weren't as sensitive to it. Our A/C leaked condensation the first night, and we had our room changed. (well one of them, as my dad and his SO) were in another room I booked with two of the kids. I booked the hotel because it had a shuttle to Disneyland. unfortunately I don't think the shuttle ran as often as I would like. My dad had a melanoma removed the day before he arrived, and was worn out the second day after running around with my kids all day, wanted to go back to the hotel for a rest, but was forced to use the shuttle leaving at noon, and come back on the soonest returning shuttle at 4:45. Madeline would have liked to go home for an hour or two, but ended up returning at 6pm and missing the "world of Color" show.

I have several pictures, but will sort of try and post them gradually.

Getting ready to get on the shuttle the first day.

In front of The Walt Disney statue!

The pirate mistrals, the guy posing with Madeline and Isabelle explaimed to his cronies as we were walking away, "I got to pose with a pair of pretty sisters", in his brittish accent. the girls were flattered.

The younger girls waiting to see Eyore and Tigger.

Arcadia's Birthday Party
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Arcadia chose to have a party at Boondocks for her 11th birthday. It was easy for me, except for waiting around for it to start then for it to end. However, I didn't need to clean or bake or decorate!

Our host this time was much more on the ball, and even did some card tricks for the kids.

I ordered an icecream cake through the venue from Cold Stone. YUM!

If Arcadia can wrap herself up in the 200 tickets before the birthday song ends, she gets them all, if not, she has to share them.

She made it!

Out go the candles!

She got quite a few cute gifts from her friends, and she was very chatty about all the fun things she did on the way home. I Think this was a winner. One more birthday party down.

I really don't understand cats!
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Freya, our cat is not affectionate, unless she wants something, like food, even then it's minimal.

However she will put up with this:


That was Arcadia reading one of the books she got on her 11th birthday (yestrerday) to the cat.

mother's day
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I had a lovely mother's day. Saturday I bought myself some hens and chicks which I have been wanting for a while.


Hal took me to the mall and got me this:


Arcadia made a casserole in Activity Days, so I froze it then cooked it on Sunday. Awesome!

Menu Please
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So this menu thing was posted on by one of my old mission companions. Here's a link

I have been needing some help in the menu planning meal/shopping organization part of my life anyway. so I thought I would try it. I read the blog links. I purchased the necessary supplies, you can purchase them pre-assembled from the blogger, but I can do this stuff! So I put it all together, but neglected to color coordinate it, because eh, who cares. Anyway. I decided to purchase her recipes for $5 because I get the templates etc, with that purchase, and the link to the pages to print, prints wonky. so... We'll try some of her recipes once, and then start rotating our own in. Who knows what we will find. right?

So we are starting it this month, which is also a big birthday month, so we'll see how it goes.


Besides the color coordination snaffu, I also tried to put the little magnet roll magnets on the menu strips, which I ended up ripping off, so they would all fit in the little boxes again. :) A lot of cutting, and hole punching going on there.... I think I like the concept though. the creator shops for everything once a month, I usually shop once a week, and don't really plan on changing that, but this will help I think.

And Birthday season begins again!
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Sabrina chose a party as her main gift this year, and I decided I did not want 8 13 year old girls hanging out at my house, so to a fun center we went!



spinning to win her bonus tickets!

Madeline and Isabelle stepped in for people who couldn't come, and the younger three played put put golf with dad, while I settled the bill and purchased more tokens for the games! ;)

Today is Sabrina's birthday, but...
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Her party is tomorrow so pictures later! However Madeline got her actual lisence in the mail yesterday. She helped out by taking sisters to school and picking up Charlotte from kindergarten. (no school for the high school today).


Spring break, fire ball not included
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Just after we returned from our spring break trip to St. George, UT we saw a commercial for it on TV, Fireball not included. However, I can not find that commercial online.

We went primarily to see Zion National Par, and maybe Bryce Canyon National Park. We didn't get to Bryce, I heard that the trails were muddy, and we didn't have the equipment for that.

We had Madeline drive her Honda down and back so that she could get her final driving hours in. I drove the Durango with the other kids and Hal was in the Honda with Madeline. The trip down was uneventful, except for the snow. Our trip back was better as it had no snow.

The first day of hiking was COLD! I was still dealing with a cold/laryngitis/bronchitis. My hiking experience was not pleasant. We booked 4 days in the Coral Hills Best Western, but only stayed 3, as I was still sick, and Hal started getting sick.

It was a good trip besides that. :)




I also wanted to update on the lashes, and will have the pictures behind the cut Read more...Collapse )
both eyes 4-12
both eyes April 12, 2012

I wanted to see if I could see a difference before and after the curler so I added that sequence. I can totally see the difference from the beginning. My lashes are darker than before, but still blond, so mascara is still a must for me.

And it comes together
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After a month we finally finished our Family Room remodel.

We removed the wood burning stove, the tile and rock surround, repained and replaced the carpet.

DH is talking new larger tv, and we need a better tv stand. I would like new couches, but that may not be in the cards for a while since this cost a bit more than planned. Mostly because I used a handyman to paint and reinstall blinds when we probably could have done that ourselves.

view from the treadmill corner
view from the north kitchen door
view from the south kitchen door.

DH says it is favorite room in the house now. Yay!


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