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The Happiest place on earth!
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Last week I took all my girls to Disney land for three days. The last day of school we hopped on a plane, and flew to long beach. We had a shuttle that took us to our hotel that I booked through Get away today. It was the Radisson suites in Buena Park. The staff was accommodating and the rooms were ok, I thought they smelled sort of mildewy, but other people weren't as sensitive to it. Our A/C leaked condensation the first night, and we had our room changed. (well one of them, as my dad and his SO) were in another room I booked with two of the kids. I booked the hotel because it had a shuttle to Disneyland. unfortunately I don't think the shuttle ran as often as I would like. My dad had a melanoma removed the day before he arrived, and was worn out the second day after running around with my kids all day, wanted to go back to the hotel for a rest, but was forced to use the shuttle leaving at noon, and come back on the soonest returning shuttle at 4:45. Madeline would have liked to go home for an hour or two, but ended up returning at 6pm and missing the "world of Color" show.

I have several pictures, but will sort of try and post them gradually.

Getting ready to get on the shuttle the first day.

In front of The Walt Disney statue!

The pirate mistrals, the guy posing with Madeline and Isabelle explaimed to his cronies as we were walking away, "I got to pose with a pair of pretty sisters", in his brittish accent. the girls were flattered.

The younger girls waiting to see Eyore and Tigger.

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Looks like happy times =)

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